Violation of cannabis laws will lead to fines

Violation of cannabis laws will lead to fines

Residents of Manitoba who violate the law on cannabis will get big fines starting from October.

A full list of fines has already been published, despite the fact that changes to the law will take effect only in October.

According to official data, those Canadians who will smoke cannabis in public places or parks will receive a fine about $672.

Those who will grow cannabis at home, sell marijuana without official permission, and also sell marijuana to teenagers, can get a fine up to $2500. The federal government wanted to permit the growing of weed at home, but Manitoba and Quebec are against this decision. They explained it by the desire to limit the access of minors to drugs.

The amendments to the current law have several points with which the Government of Manitoba does not agree. For example, the consumption of foods containing cannabis has fewer limitations and restrictions than smoking cannabis. For example, products containing cannabis can be consumed everywhere except schools and transport.

The province paid more attention to smoking and growing marijuana than to consumption of edible products containing cannabis. It is officially prohibited to sell such foods, but anyone can organize a business at home and bake cookies from the marijuana, which he bought legally.

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Cannabis smoking and growing marijuana fines
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