Sandy Bay resident gets a fine for supplying pot to an underage kid

Sandy Bay resident gets a fine for supplying pot to an underage kid

A resident of Sandy Bay First Nation is facing a fine of $2,542 for supplying pot to a 13-year-old on Friday afternoon.

When the federal government legalized cannabis earlier this year, it left the provinces in charge of how the drug will be sold and where consumers can smoke it. Some things are mostly constant across the country: You can’t buy cannabis if you’re under 18 (though you may have to be 19 in some provinces), you can grow up to four plants at home (except in Manitoba and Quebec, where you can’t) and you’ll be able to carry up to 30 grams outside your residence.

You can also share up to 30 grams of cannabis with other adults. The act, however, severely restricts underage people from possessing cannabis. You could face a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail if you give or sell cannabis to a youth, or if you use a youth to commit a “cannabis-related offense.” These are new criminal offenses.

When spoken to by police, the 13-year-old admitted to smoking pot and told them which adult had provided the cannabis, who was then fined with a ticket for $2,542 – the highest fine available under the province’s new recreational cannabis

It is completely up to every adult now to decide if they would like to buy and use marijuana, even share with adult friends. Let’s all be smart and responsible and make the best out of the cannabis legalization. 

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