3rd homicide in just 3 days

3rd homicide in just 3 days

Past three days were really busy for Winnipeg Police with three homicides in just a three day period. All of these deaths occurred due to violent beatings. Winnipeggers are scared and shocked by what is happening in the city lately, even though police said, these incidents are not in any way related.

Early Sunday morning police responded to a call about an elderly man attacked by a teenager. When arrived at the scene, officers witnessed an older man being violently attacked by a teen, he was arrested at the scene.

A victim, 73-year-old male was delivered to a hospital in serious condition with multiple injuries. Most of the injuries were to his upper body and head. The victim was not identified, the next day, on Monday, he was pronounced dead. Unfortunately, the doctors couldn’t help the man, injuries he received were severe and he died at the hospital.

The attack happened on Redwood Avenue, the victim resided there, so he was attacked in his own community. That fact makes people scared for their lives even at the place, where they live.

A teenager, who assaulted and killed the old man, is in custody now, also police discovered, he was wanted for other crimes. Now he faces multiple charges like armed home invasions and robberies, which occurred in August. Also to the list of his charges was added a second-degree murder for what he did to a 73-year-old man.

This is one of three attacks that led to death in Winnipeg in three days. One of two other cases involved 40-year-old male, who died on Pritchard Avenue under similar circumstances, he was violently attacked and beaten to death. Another incident happened a day after that, a man died under the railway underpass. It happened on McPhillips Street on Monday.

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