The Air1 helicopter helps track stolen vehicle

The Air1 helicopter helps track stolen vehicle

The use of Air 1 was quite successful in Winnipeg, no problems were detected. It helped the police to find stolen vehicles and follow the high-speed chases multiple times.

Last Sunday, November 11th the vehicle was reported stolen. Monday night the vehicle was traveling on York Avenue near Memorial Boulevard, when it sped away from a traffic stop.

The air support was summoned to help with a chase, the helicopter followed the vehicle as it tried to evade police through the St. Matthews, Daniel McIntyre, and West Alexander areas until it eventually came to a stop in the back lane of the 800 block of William Avenue. The driver abandoned the car and was trying to get away on foot, but police officers quickly got to him and arrested.

A 23-year-old Luke Tyler Woodhouse faces charges of fleeing while pursued by a police officer, possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000 and driving without a license. There were also two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

The investigation still continues, more details will be presented in the official police report, after the investigation is closed. Car theft crime is on the rise in Winnipeg. Unfortunately, almost every day a vehicle gets reported stolen, most of them are located later by police on the streets, driven by impaired criminals. Many of such crimes involve youth, they just do it for fun or without thinking, while on meth or under other drugs influence.