A hunter found Thelma Krull's remains in the wood

A hunter found Thelma Krull's remains in the wood

Thelma Krull's remains are found three years after her disappearance. The police assume that the woman was murdered.

Thelma Krull was 57 when she went out from her house in the Grassie Boulevard area to hike the West Coast Trail in British Columbia on July 2015. The woman did not return.

The police also expressed the opinion that the woman was killed by one person and probably she did not know him. Her remains were found about 50 km from her home - near Chemin Perrin Road, east of Highway 12 and north of Highway 1. Probably the killer lives in that area.

The husband of the murdered woman refused to comment on the situation and said that his family needs privacy at this moment. He also added that he hopes the police could answer all questions and find the culprit. Thelma’s friend said that all the relatives and friends of the murdered woman are shocked. Despite the fact that her search was long over, everyone hoped that she would come home one day. Now grief has returned to her family.

The police believe that the woman reached the Civil Park at about 8 am, after she left the house at about 7.30 am. There might be a quarrel, after which she died. The killer probably knew the area where the remains were found, he could live or work there.

On the day when the woman was gone, the police received a call which informed that a person similar to Thelma was noticed near Kimberly Avenue and Gateway Road with a strange man. The man was described and the police created his sketch.  

Despite the fact that he was the main suspect for all three years, the police want to ask people to share their opinion if they have other ideas of the perpetrator of the murder. The police also ask all the people who live in the area where the remains of the woman were found, to report any useful information about suspicious residents or events that they may have noticed.

At the moment, the investigation is resumed and the police are actively looking for the killer.

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Thelma Krull's remains police investigation