Gas prices go down in Winnipeg

Gas prices go down in Winnipeg

Every driver in Canada is expected to see rising gasoline prices as they fire up their vehicles for road adventures on the Victoria Day long weekend. All Canada citizens are aware of the gas prices are going up every year, in couple recent years, this is really not a good situation, because this affects every person in our country, every trip to work and to the local grocery store matters and hits your wallet just to travel and get around the city.

The fuel prices vary in different provinces, sometimes in different cities within the same province fuel prices can differ for about 10-20 cents, even more, the prices in the same city can vary about 10-30 cents within the same city, depending on the area and the neighborhood.

According to the gas-price-tracking website, GasBuddy Manitoba holds first place for having the cheapest fuel in Canada. In Winnipeg, prices sit at fourth in the country, please visit the link for more information:

Winnipeg residents will see prices at the pump near the mid-80 cents per liter mark.

Manitoba also sits second in the country with the biggest price change from last year, while Ontario sits first. That’s due to plunging oil prices over the past two months, according to fuel experts.

Worries of an economic downturn, a U.S.-China trading tiff, and concerns that members of the OPEC oil cartel won’t live up to production cuts influenced the price cuts.

So, gas prices are finally going down! The price for gasoline hit 86.4 CAD for a Regular Unleaded Fuel. This is great news for everybody the tendency is very positive for every driver on Canada!

Canadians around the country have been noticing a jump in gas prices, but the recent price drop couldn’t make people happier, that means the prices are going down throughout the country.

Fellow Winnipeggers, this is more than good news, get your tanks filled up at the best price possible in the last couple of months! Even though we are hopeful for even more price drop for the fuel in Canada, there is no time to waist, get the tank full!