Nearing carbon tax impact on gas prices

Nearing carbon tax impact on gas prices
Nearing carbon tax impact on gas prices

Every driver in Canada is expected to see rising gasoline prices as they fill up their vehicle`s tanks. Gas prices affect every person in our country, every trip to work and to the local grocery store matters and hits your wallet if you planning a road trip or you need to just get around the city to run daily errands.

The new carbon tax on gasoline, diesel and heating fuels will go into effect in Manitoba on Monday, April 1st. The cost of filling up has already risen by as much as 20 cents per liter.

The fuel prices vary in different provinces, sometimes in different cities within the same province fuel prices can differ for about 10-20 cents, even more, the prices in the same city can vary about 10-30 cents within the same city, depending on the area and the neighborhood.

Premier Brian Pallister announced at the beginning of March that the PST would not be charged on top of the carbon tax. The federal government will be charging GST on top of the tax.

According to GasBuddy, in addition to rising carbon taxes, factors pushing up gasoline prices so far this year include a 35 percent rise in the price of oil since Christmas and a weaker Loonie in comparison to the U.S. dollar.

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Winnipeg residents will see prices at the pump near the mid-80 cents per liter mark. Manitoba also sits second in the country with the biggest price change from last year, while Ontario sits first. That’s due to plunging oil prices over the past two months, according to fuel experts.

Fellow Winnipeggers get your tanks filled up at the best price possible before the carbon tax will go into effect, to take advantage of the price before new tax.

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