Winnipeg crime report for past holidays

Winnipeg crime report for past holidays

The holiday season is over and it was a great and happy time, but also, unfortunately, many criminal incidents happened during these past holidays. As the press service of the Winnipeg Police informs, the holidays were not easy for law enforcement officers.

Here is a list of incidents, that happened in the city on holidays - from December 24, 2018, to January 1, 2019:

7599 calls to 911

3412 calls to help desk (not urgent calls)

The largest number of calls was made on December 27 - 1,439 calls, of which 955 were to 911 service. Between December 24 and 31, 173 arrests were made.

- 1 unarmed attack

- 3 attacks with the use of a weapon

- 1 homicide

- 1 attempted murder

- 2 robbery using force

- 2 arsons

- 3 robberies

- 2 fires

- 1 aggravated attack

- 1 attempted rape

- 1 assault on a police officer

- 8 pieces of weapon seized.

In the period of 31 December - On January 1, 51 arrests were made.

- 1 robbery using force

- 2 robberies

- 6 attacks on police officers

- 8 attacks

- Invasion of the house (district Shaughnessy Park)

- Damage to property worth more than $ 10,000 was caused by a drunk man, that threw a table from the 7th floor of a hotel in downtown Winnipeg, then attacked a police officer during his arrest.

- Several calls for help came from the bar of the same hotel. The arriving police were attacked by an armed, drunken and aggressive crowd. More than 20 cadets and police officers were involved in the scuffle. Michael Caribou was arrested for second-degree murder during a fight. The bar was closed by order of the police.

Between January 1-2, 43 arrests were made.

The police are investigating the fact of 15 armed robberies in different parts of the city these days.

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