Residential fire on Grant Avenue

Residential fire on Grant Avenue

A residential fire is always a scary and dangerous thing, people might get hurt or killed, especially children and elderly citizens since they are not able to react fast and evacuate the building by themselves.

Just yesterday, February 3rd a fire occurred in an apartment complex on Grant Avenue near Cambridge Street.

Approximately within 20 minutes the blaze was under control, said a City of Winnipeg spokesperson. Two people found inside the suite were treated for smoke inhalation and brought to the hospital in unstable condition.

As per Fire Department, a fire started in the basement suite of the building, the investigation still continues. The reason of the fire and estimated damages will be announced once the investigation is closed.

Unfortunately, residential fires in Winnipeg happen quite often, but unlike in this case, caused by the electrical problem, many of those fires caused by residents, who in many cases were under drug influence at a time of incidents.

January 21st a big residential fire occurred in one of the buildings on Maryland Street. Firefighters were called, once crews entered the three-story building, they were forced to leave and move to a defensive attack. One nearby home was evacuated as a precaution. Crews were on scene well into the evening and used the WFPS drone to assist in fighting the fire.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please be careful and attentive, keep your houses and apartments safe and fireproof for your own safety and your family members. Always check the house appliances, make sure everything is off before you leave the house. And the moment you notice the smell of smoke, check surroundings and call firefighters, in some cases minutes differ a small fire from a destructive and life-threatening incident!