School cancellations for Friday

School cancellations for Friday

Fellow Winnipeggers, please get ready for the winter, it is not just about warm clothes for you and your family, but also make sure to change your tires for a winter ones and prepare all necessary equipment for snow cleaning, so you will have time to deal with the snow in front of your house and to get to work safely and on time!

Due to harsh weather conditions many schools are closed, here is a list for your information:

  • No classes for Prairie Rose School Divison Region A: Miami School, Roland School, Carman Elementary, Carman Collegiate, and Elm Creek School.
  • Brandon School Division buses will not be operating outside the City of Brandon.
  • No classes for Turtle Mountain School Division.
  • All schools closed in Rolling River School Division.
  • Buses are not running for écoles Saint Lazare and La Source.
  • All schools closed in Red River Valley School Division.
  • All schools closed in Central and Western Regions of Border Land School Division.
  • All schools closed in the Garden Valley School Division.
  • Classes canceled in Western School Division in Morden.

Everyone loves snow days and beautiful weather the winter brings. But sometimes too much snow can bring some problems like difficult driving conditions and power outages. The winter forecast for Canada shows different temperatures and not as much snow, as it was last year. It is expected that the eastern part of the country throughout the winter will have a lot of rain in the form of rain and snow, predicts Accuweather.

This week will deliver the coldest temperatures and highest wind chill values of the winter. Bitterly or brutally cold air is descending over the eastern prairies of Manitoba.

For Winnipeggers, the cold isn’t going away any time soon. Forecasts are calling for temperatures in the -20 to -30 C range for at least a week, and long-range models from Environment and Climate Change Canada indicate temperatures are likely to stay below normal until nearly the end of the month.