Cannabis related driving tickets

Cannabis related driving tickets

From October of 2018 marijuana is legal to grow, sell and to buy throughout Canada. It doesn’t matter if you are using it or not, cannabis is coming, it is already here and as of today, it is sold in your local stores and online. According to the recent polls, 38 percent of Canadians use pot solely for recreation, while 12 percent say their pot consumption is only for medical reasons.

RCMP have issued 75 cannabis-related tickets since Oct. 17, 2018. Of those, 57 were for unlawful transportation of cannabis in a vehicle while 11 were for consumption of cannabis in a vehicle.

They also issued two in-field license suspensions.

Winnipeg Police said they have issued 52 cannabis-related tickets since October.

Also, there is some illegal marijuana found in legal trade, big recalls announced and the investigation started. A cannabis company from Winnipeg, Bonify has the sales license suspended by Health Canada.

The number of Canadians who use pot has not increased since legalization, with 22 percent before and 21 percent after. A majority of Canadians — 54 percent — say the price of legal pot is too high. While 58 percent of buyers say it’s been easy to purchase pot since legalization.

There are different smoking options and all the equipment for this, plus they will explain how to properly smoke and all the rules and safety measures. The limit is 30 grams per person and you can also share legal cannabis with other adults.

It is completely up to every adult now to decide if they would like to legally buy and use marijuana, even share with adult friends. Fellow Winnipeggers let’s all be smart and responsible and make the best out of the cannabis legalization.

Our Go204 team decided to visit one of the legal stores and see for ourselves the new kind of stores in Canada. Delta 9 Cannabis is still seeing lines of customers outside the doors two months after legalization.

Please check out the article about our first cannabis store visit, follow the link below.