Canadians do not like to buy marijuana online

Canadians do not like to buy marijuana online

Now that pot can be purchased legally in a various online and offline store, many Canadians decided to try it for the first time for themselves or even get it as a gift for their friends and family members. A survey by Lift & Co. found that nearly 3 million Canadians plan to give the gift of cannabis this year. Of those, men are twice as likely as women to wrap up the pot as a present.

According to the recent polls, 38 percent of Canadians use pot solely for recreation, while 12 percent say their pot consumption is only for medical reasons. The number of Canadians who use pot has not increased since legalization, with 22 percent before and 21 percent after.

So now customers have two options, one is just sitting in front of your computer or even a Smartphone with a few clicks order marijuana and pay for it with any card or a PayPal completely legally. The second option is more old school and will take more time, we are talking about your local pot retail store, where you have to actually go and get in the line, yes, there are still lines, even five months after the legalization, and make a purchase with a card or cash money.

Overwhelmingly, they chose the harder path: 80 percent of the country`s cannabis revenue has come from offline retail stores. In provinces with more detail, almost all cannabis buyers bought it in person: 94 percent of sales in Nova Scotia and over 95 percent in New Brunswick were in stores.

Across Canada, we see the same pattern: provinces that opened a large number of cannabis stores in October are selling a large amount, and those that didn’t, aren’t. Ontario, which to date has opened no stores at all, has Canada’s second-lowest cannabis sales per capita.

Experts said there were three main reasons for such a strong preference:

1.        Being able to see and smell the weed

2.        Privacy

3.        Talking to a human

A majority of Canadians — 54 percent — say the price of legal pot is too high. While 58 percent of buyers say it’s been easy to purchase pot since legalization. Overall, a positive experience, with 85 percent satisfied with the quality of legal pot. Among those who were not able to purchase legally, 88 percent said if there’s a pot shortage among legal suppliers, they’ll find another source.

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