3rd straight loss for Winnipeg Jets

3rd straight loss for Winnipeg Jets, Vladimir Volenyuk

The most recent game was a big loss for a team and the fans, who came to support and cheered for our very own Winnipeg Jets to win.  The Jets lost with a huge advantage of the competing team, the hole gave Avalanche showed domination and got their well-deserved win.

Unfortunately, the last game was not successful for our team. On Wednesday, February 20th Colorado Avalanche got a win 7-1 over the Winnipeg Jets. Both teams worked hard and showed great skills, but the Avalanche overpowered the Jets.

Colorado players showed great teamwork and a well-coordinated game. Teams coach was giving instruction nonstop and that lead to a good result.

Connor Hellebuyck stopped 39 shots for the Jets, who lost to the Avalanche for the second time inside of a week. For some unknown reason, the Jets are really unlucky lately, for the last three games the team got a loss after loss. The team needs to get their act together and show the best performance in the games to come!

Winnipeg Jets is an amazing team and has a huge army of fans and supporters. Go Jets Go! Every game there are millions of fans watching our team perform on TV and support at a game in person, all hoping for a win and the first places for Jets.

Winnipeg Jets fans give big support for the team at every game, and fans can get rewarded with the team win or with a much better gift. Get your tickets now for the next game, if do not have it already or plan a game night with your friends and family to support our own Winnipeg team!

We wish the best luck to our team for the next games to come!

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