Two fires in Winnipeg in one night

Two fires in Winnipeg in one night

A Fire can be a scary and destructive force. Many residential fires occur because of the tenant's fault or negligence of fire safety and common sense. A fire in the industrial building or a business office brings a great danger and life-threatening panic to people inside and near the building.

On Tuesday, February 26th two separate fires occurred in Winnipeg and fire crews were called to contain the fire outbreak. Approximately 3:30 a.m. fire crews were called to a commercial building in the 600 block of Dawson Road North.

Crews found a fire in the shipping area, as per police statement, a portable heater overheated and started the blaze, but, thankfully, nobody was there at the time of the incident and no one got injured.

As of now, there is no information about the damages to the building and goods inside.

About an hour later, fire crews were called to the second fire in a home in the 300 block of Riverton Avenue in the Elmwood area.

At the time of the incident, six people were inside and all managed to escape from the house. Two of them were checked by paramedics but didn’t need to be taken to the hospital.

The investigation is still ongoing, as per the Fire Department, the cause of the fire is still unknown, as is a damage estimate.

Just a few weeks ago a fire occurred at Valentine’s Fitness and Weight Loss Centre, please follow the link below for more information:

Unfortunately, fires in Winnipeg happen quite often, in many cases, it caused by the electrical problems, some fires caused by residents, who in many cases were under drug influence at a time of incidents.