Winter is not done with Winnipeg just yet

Winter is not done with Winnipeg just yet

This year`s April has been a cool one. Not terribly rainy or snowy but on the cool side for sure. So far the daily temperature for this month is almost four degrees cooler than normal.

The little snowy flurries yesterday morning changed to warmer temperatures later in the today.

Winnipeg and the Red River Valley may get to experience multiple seasons in a day — from a snowy Monday morning to the risk of thunderstorms late afternoon and into the evening. The chance is slim, but there is the potential to see scattered showers and thunderstorms before the sky clears overnight.

The rest of the week is smooth sailing. There will be some rain around the U.S. border on Wednesday which may leak into a few southern municipalities but it wouldn’t be anything heavy.

Temperatures this week also look to be on the warmer side. So far this month, the daily mean average temperature sits around 1 C. Normal over the course of the month is typically around 4 C.  This week should help move that daily temperature up a bit with every day after Monday expected to be above normal.

Fellow Winnipeggers please pay attention to weather conditions outside, make sure you and your family members dress properly, especially children. All drivers urged to be careful while behind the wheel, the road conditions are changing with the weather, also you might need to plan the trip and give it some extra time for your regular commute due to possible traffic with everyone driving slower than usual for spring time.

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