Police takes drugs of almost $1 million off Winnipeg streets

Police takes drugs of almost $1 million off Winnipeg streets

Winnipeg city authorities started a full-scale investigation on the city`s meth problem. More manpower and resources are dedicated to the matter than in any of the previous year and the new special units and target groups created to fight methamphetamine production and distribution in Winnipeg.

WPS announced that a huge drug bust has resulted in almost one million dollars worth of illicit drugs being seized from a Winnipeg home.

The drugs were seized from a resident on Guay Avenue in St. Boniface on July 12, police said, as a result of an investigation by the Winnipeg Police Service guns and gangs unit.

In total, police seized:

2.8 kilograms of cocaine said to be worth around $280,000 if sold in bulk on the street;

266 grams of heroin police said was the purple variety with a street value of $79,800.00;

5.3 kilograms of methamphetamine with a street value of $530,000.00 as well as a cutting agent and packaging materials.

WPS Constable Rob Carver says that the seized amount of methamphetamine alone had the potential to impact over 50,000 Winnipeg residents.

No arrests have been made by Winnipeg police. The investigation remains ongoing at this time.