Portage and Main crossing

Portage and Main crossing

Winnipeg Square features an office to support reopening of Main and Portage crossing for pedestrians. As you can see in the photo, the office already posted some flyers and ads in support of the mayor`s initiative.

Current Winnipeg Mayor, Brian Bowman is pushing hard to reopen one of the busiest crossings in the city for pedestrians. As it was one of his election campaign promises back in 2014, when he was running for a chair, now with nearly four years past it is still just a promise.

With new elections just around the corner, Bowman is working to make it happen, but this idea started a big dispute among Winnipeggers. The large majority of citizens of the city are actually strongly against this for three main reasons:

1. The cost of the project. A Dillon Consulting study in 2017 showed the project would cost the city $6 million to actually reopen the intersection and an additional $5.5 million to purchase more city buses to compensate for rush hour traffic delays.

2. Traffic intention. If reopened to pedestrians, the interception will, without a doubt, increase traffic in the area and all the roads around it.

3. The potential for collisions between cars and pedestrians. Of course hundreds of people crossing the road here will present many dangers all of the parties involved in traffic, unfortunately, it is a sad statistic for busy intersections on accidents, with serious injuries and often lethal outcome.

Multiple poles and researches show that citizens of Winnipeg are actually against the idea and ready to raise their voices to bring public attention to this matter.

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