Winnipeg City Council 2018

Winnipeg City Council 2018

The election is over and the city got a mayor, well the previous one will continue his work for a second term. Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman says the city will get stronger every single year during his speech after being re-elected.

Everyone who voted for the current mayor is celebrating the victory with the Bowman, people showed their support as he showed good work on his electoral promises from the last campaign. Bowman stated that it is still a long way to go for the city to work on all the issues and problems of the city, but his team is ready to work hard and make Winnipeg the best and prosperous city in Canada.

As for the electoral promises, politicians are always have something to say, not always that is true, when it comes to actions and to make those promises come to life. One of Brian Bowman`s promises was about one of the busiest crossings in the city, Portage and Main. The city got divided into two groups, one is rooting to reopen the crossing to pedestrians, another one is strongly against it.

Large majority citizens of the city are actually strongly against this for three main reasons:

1.         The cost of the project. A Dillon Consulting study in 2017 showed the project would cost the city $6 million to actually reopen the intersection and an additional $5.5 million to purchase more city buses to compensate for rush hour traffic delays.

2.         Traffic intention. If reopened to pedestrians, the interception will, without a doubt, increase traffic in the area and all the roads around it.

3.         The potential for collisions between cars and pedestrians. Of course hundreds of people crossing the road here will present many dangers all of the parties involved in traffic, unfortunately, it is a sad statistic for busy intersections on accidents, with serious injuries and often lethal outcome.

Multiple poles and researches show that citizens of Winnipeg are actually against the idea and ready to raise their voices to bring public attention to this matter.

The two most watched contests were the mayoral race and the question of opening up Portage and Main to walking traffic. Voters decided Brian Bowman would have a second term as mayor, and the intersection should remain closed to pedestrian crossings.

For complete details on election results, go to the city website:

Here is a new short list of the changes coming to the city council.

Brian Bowman will continue as Winnipeg's mayor after defeating Jenny Motkaluk and six other mayoral hopefuls. Results show Bowman with 53.3 percent of votes and Motkaluk with 33.72 percent of votes.

During the election campaign, current mayor was leading all the poles and his victory and reelection is not a surprise to anyone who was following the campaign and checking the poles and updates during the run. Bowman celebrated his victory at the Metropolitan Event Centre in Winnipeg, surrounded by supporters, family and friends. A winners speech, pictures, and autographs with friends and supporters, the celebration night marks the beginning of his second term as a mayor of Winnipeg.

Fellow Winnipeggers thank you, everyone who voted and showed their support not just to Bowman, but to any of the running candidates, we have to vote every time to make sure that our city ran by really worthy people chosen by us, the Winnipeg`s citizens. And let’s hope for new bright horizons for our city in the near future! 

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