Winnipeg mayor is chosen

Winnipeg mayor is chosen

Winnipeg residents have decided on the choice of the mayor for the next 4 years. The new mayor is Brian Bowman. He was elected for the second time in a row.

As it was expected, the main struggle took place between Bowman and Motkalyuk. The city was practically divided in half: north voted for Motkalyuk. south voted for Bowman.

However, voter turnout this year was much lower than last time. Only about 42% of the population came to the polls. Among them, 53% of people voted for Bowman and 36% for Motkalyuk. The remaining candidates got 5 percent or less.

In parallel with the election of the mayor, another very important issue in the life of the city was resolved - Portage and Main. City residents voted and it was decided to leave the intersection closed to pedestrians. Voters were distributed as follows: those people who live close to the intersection voted for the opening, those who live far from the crossroad, voted against it. 

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