Body found at Winnipeg Recycling Depot

Body found at Winnipeg Recycling Depot

A scary discovery was made Friday night by workers a recycling facility, a female body was found among recycling materials. It looks like a scary movie or a police show on TV, but unfortunately, this is real life incident in Winnipeg.

It happened approximately at 7 p.m. on Friday in the recycling facility on Omands Creek Boulevard. The employees of a recycling depot were sorting through the recycled material and discovered part of a human body, called police right away. When arrived at the scene, officers found middle-age woman remains and couldn’t identify the body at the location.

The investigation is still ongoing, forensics are working to identify the woman and contact her family, also reports of missing people in and around Winnipeg are being checked for a possible match by description.

As of now, homicide department detectives are still working on the circumstances of her death, they are not ruling out any possibilities yet. Waiting for the results of the autopsy, this takes approximately 2 days, after that official report will be presented. Further investigation will be based on the autopsy report.

Winnipeg Police are asking for public help with any useful information on missing middle-aged woman in Winnipeg and its surroundings. If you have any information about the incident, please contact the local police department or visit Crime Stoppers online absolutely anonymously.

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