Convenience store robbery

Convenience store robbery

Late night on Tuesday, October 30th a convenience store was robbed in Winnipeg.

As per employees statement, the criminal had entered the store around 9:20 p.m. with his face covered with a mask. He was armed with a knife and he went into an employees-only area behind the counter, the robber started to demand money and threatened the employees. After stealing several packs of cigarettes, the suspect grabbed the cash register and ran away from the store.

He was able to flee the scene and nobody on the street were able to stop the masked man running away with a cash register.

The store is located on Arlington Street, Winnipeg, store employees called police and a couple of units were dispatched to the location immediately along with a K9 unit. The K-9 unit was able to track the suspect to a backyard on Home Street where a 31-year-old male suspect was arrested.

A suspect was identified as Devon Kenny Mitchel Spence, now he is facing multiple charges. 

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