Man arrested for another crime tied to a fake gun robbery

Winnipeg police officers were working on another, completely unrelated case, when located a suspect with few outstanding warrants for robberies.

On October 4th the suspect, along with two others, stole a couple bottles of alcoholic drinks from a liquor store on Grant Avenue.

One week later, October 12th, as per witnesses’ testimony, the suspect argued with security at a Selkirk Avenue non-profit. He left and returned a short time later, armed with a stick hidden underneath his clothing and said he had a weapon. The suspect stole money from the cash register, but dropped it after a struggle with employees and fled the scene.

The suspect was arrested and identified as 41-year-old Sheldon Brent Maytwayashing. The criminal now faces charges of robbery, theft under $5,000, using an imitation firearm during the commission of an offense, and weapon possession.

The crime and violent attacks are on the rise in Winnipeg for the last couple of years. City`s police and the second-term mayor Bowman are dedicating the recourses and the manpower needed to overcome Winnipeg`s organized crime and the criminal incidents overall.