Winnipeg downtown traffic lights are down

Winnipeg downtown traffic lights are down

Who likes to be stuck in traffic? I guess, no none, but that is what you have to deal with in a big city. There are certain streets and neighborhoods you know you always will be stuck in traffic, so, naturally, people try to plan their routes avoiding such roads. Despite the usual traffic movement, sometimes accidents or other things happen, which can block your usual “traffic-free” way to work.

What can be worse than downtown traffic with all the cars and traffic lights, well… try downtown with all the electricity down? Yesterday was one of those days, the power went out and all traffic lights with it, cadets were in the middle of intersection handling traffic from all directions.

As shown in the photo, the traffic lights are down at a very busy intersection of Corydon Avenue and Pembina highway. This, of course, will make the way home much more stressful and longer, than usual.

As of now, there is no information or an official statement from the city authorities about what happened and what caused the outage in the downtown area.

Fellow Winnipeggers, please be careful while driving, please don’t text and drive, keep our roads safe and easy to drive, be patient with each other and follow the rules and regulations, it is implemented for a reason, to make it safer to drive around.

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