A Maze in Snow is doing to break Guinness World Record

A Maze in Snow is doing to break Guinness World Record

The field at A Maze in Corn in Saint Adolphe, Man., is fully covered with snow, and it can become the biggest and the most interesting snow maze not only in Canada but in the whole world.

Clint Masse, the owner of the maze, said that it will not be too complicated and difficult, because it is very big. People should have fun and enjoy it without any worries.

The Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay set a Guinness World Record, so Clint is planning to break it this season. To do this, the man is creating a maze with walls two feet wide and six and a half feet tall, and 4,200 feet long. Clint Masse has already contacted representatives of the Guinness World Book and announced his intention to break the existing record.

For many years the man has been engaged in a corn maze, so he is sure that the snow maze will come out even better and it will become a great winter activity for all people in the province and outside it.

This year autumn was a very unfortunate period for the corn maze, there was too much rain. Masse repeatedly stated that his business was suffering losses for the first time. Therefore, he hopes to return prosperity to his deal in the winter with a new maze.

Clint Masse plans to do his best and to open the snow maze by the beginning of the new year.

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A Maze in Corn snow maze Guinness World Record