Winnipeg liquor store thefts a major problem

Winnipeg liquor store thefts a major problem

Over the last year, the number of thefts has increased by 300% and the management of the corporation has come up with a new plan to combat them. Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries plans to implement a new security plan that will include ID check.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries president and CEO Peter Hak said that staff and clients should know that they are safe. Anyone who decides to commit theft will be found by the police as soon as possible. In addition, information about thefts and innovations of the corporation is actively reported in the media.

The new measures would include a mobile team of trained loss-prevention officers who would work with existing security teams. MBLL said they would be stationed at Liquor Marts during peak periods, or at stores that have experienced a spike in thefts.

There would be new protocols for customers. A “no-bag” policy means customers may be asked to check their bags with security when entering a Liquor Mart.

Liquor & Lotteries ask all residents of the province to show understanding and to accept a new security plan. Everyone deserves to return home safe and sound.