Four fantastic books to give children this Christmas

Four fantastic books to give children this Christmas

Have you bought gifts for your young princes and princesses? If you have not do it yet, then we have some great ideas.

As a rule, when choosing gifts for children, parents most often go to toy stores and find something there. What to do if your child has all the toys he dreamed about? What gift can be not only interesting but also useful? We have a great idea: you can give your child a book.

A book can become a good gift for your kids, and for the kids of your friends or relatives, if you are going to spend holidays with them.

A book can be a great motivator for children and will be able to answer many of their questions. Despite children’s big passion for video games, books are becoming increasingly popular this year.

So, the best book ideas for children of various age:

1. Ages 3 to 6: The Reptile Club by Maureen Fergus

This is a pretty funny book that tells the story of how real reptiles joined the school club. Colourful illustrations will not leave any child indifferent. In addition to a funny story, the book contains useful information about reptiles, which will definitely be interesting for all children.

2. Ages 8 and over: The Land of Yesterday by K.A. Reynolds

This is a fantastic story that tells about The Land of Yesterday and how a woman and a girl went there in search of the soul of the deceased boy. This book is about hope and will appeal to many children who are fond of fiction.

3. Ages 10 and over: Surviving the City by Tasha Spillett and Natasha Donovan

The book takes place in Winnipeg and it tells a few real stories that have happened with young residents of the city, namely with two teen girls from the indigenous population. The book will show a new perspective on girls and women living in the indigenous communities of Manitoba. This is a story about true friendship.

4. Ages 13 and over: Monsters by David Alexander Robertson

A book written by a famous writer from Winnipeg tells about the adventures of Cole Harper and is the second book in The Reckoner trilogy. The teenager, a student in high school, is trying to find out the whole truth about the death of his father.

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